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VUDU brings Pandora, Picasa and Flickr to connected HDTVs, promises more apps soon

November 7, 2009

And you thought HDTVs were made for watching TV. VUDU has today slung its (admittedly paltry) library of applications over to its television partners, making both Picasa and Flickr access possible through LG and Mitsubishi sets with integrated VUDU software. Of course, all of this was already available to those relying on one of VUDU’s dedicated set-top boxes, but it’s always nice to have everything wrapped up neatly within the display itself. In related news, Pandora streaming is alsoSource: Engadget RSS Feed


How to Use Google Docs to Transfer Chrome Bookmarks to Other Browsers

November 7, 2009

So is anyone else besides me using the new bookmark sync feature in Google Chrome? I’m using it with the beta version of Chrome for Windows and also on my Mac. On OS X, the latest version Chrome itself doesn’t support the bookmark sync feature, but the latest build of Chromium does, so that’s what I’m using. But what if you’re using a computer that doesn’t have Chrome and you can’t install it? How then can you get your precious bookmarks from the cloud? It’s actually quiteSource: jkOnTheRun RSS Feed

eStarling photo frame might just have more social networking skills than you do

November 5, 2009

Digital photo frames have been more than just photo frames since the earliest days of the product category, but eStarling looks to be expanding things even further than usual with its new 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame. In addition to that speedy WiFi connectivity, this one boasts a fairly large 10.2-inch display, 2GB of RAM, an SD card slot and, most importantly, a slew of social networking features. That includes support for photos from Facebook, Picasa or Flickr (more services areSource: Engadget RSS Feed

Madden NFL Arcade Achievements are funny, disturbing

November 5, 2009

Everyone loves Achievements. That’s a fact. As such, we really appreciate it when developers put some thought into their Achievements. While the ‘cheevos for Madden NFL Arcade — as unearthed by MGC — are fairly standard in their execution, the names are all pretty amusing. We’re particularly fond of “Like a Boss,” likely named for the (incredibly NSFW) song of the same name. One that we’re not so fond of is “2 Points 1 Win,” making Madden NFL Arcade the second game to riff on an abhorrent Source: Xbox 360 Fanboy RSS Feed

Olympus PEN E-P2 camera made official

November 5, 2009

Following leaks and some more leaks, Olympus has today decided to officially unveil the PEN E-P2 interchangeable lens camera. Seen below looking all retro and cool, the E-P2 is powered by the TruePic V image processor and features a 12.3-megapixel Live MOS sensor, in-body Image Stabilization, a dust reduction system, fast Imager Autofocus, high ISO settings (up to ISO 6400), the new Continuous Autofocus (C-AF) tracking system and a 3-inch color (230,000 pixels) HyperCrystal LCD.
“TheSource: TechConnect Magazine RSS Feed

Four Warriors of Light, Old-School in the Oddest Ways

November 5, 2009

Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light is billed as a role-playing game from the old school. And it is — but not in the way you’d expect.

Released on October 29 in Japan, this Nintendo DS game is created by Matrix, the development house that did the 3-D remakes of Final Fantasy III and IV for DS. This is an original game, one that bears some surface resemblance to the Final Fantasy of old but plays quite differently. And the way it most resembles classic games is that itSource: Game|Life RSS Feed

Kenka Bancho 4 laser-eyes a PSP release

November 3, 2009

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble isn’t even out in North America yet (next week!), but in the period between its announcement and release, publisher Spike has already announced two more Kenka Banchos for Japan: a port of the original, and a new sequel.
Kenka Bancho 4: One Year War takes place in an inexplicably violent high school, as Yuuto attempts to become top “bancho” among the toughest kids in class. By beating everyone else up, of course. The “smashtalk” taunt system will return with Source: PS3 Fanboy RSS Feed

The Daily Engadget: Sony Ericsson Goes Android, Moto CLIQ Launches

November 3, 2009

Our friends over at Engadget obsessively cover everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics, which is why we compile this daily roundup of their top stuff (or, at least, what we think is tops). For more details on any of these stories, click on the Engadget links in each story below.
Hands-On with Sony Ericsson’s First Android Device, the XPERIA X10
With the DROID launching this Friday it’s going to be hard for any other Android device to capture an audience, but the lovely Source: Switched RSS Feed

Are You Levitating Your Globe

November 2, 2009

Still not mastered that art? Something wrong with your magnetic field I suppose! But rest assured this Levitating Globe won’t let you down by losing its magnetism and rolling off. Simply because the built-in computer chip at the base of the unit, constantly keeps adjusting to atmospheric changes, ensuring that the globe remains suspended. Quite neat! It comes with a US 120V power supply and spins real neat even when levitating!

Designer: Cram [ Buy It Here ]

Source: Yanko Design RSS Feed

Weekend Recovery: The NaNoWriMo Edition!

November 2, 2009

No, this isn’t about gaming! But it’s still pretty cool. November, as some of you guys might be aware, is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short. Put together ten years ago by the non-profit The Office of Letters and Light, NaNoWriMo is a month long challenge for amateur writers to take the plunge and put together their first novel. The goal is to successfully complete 50,000 words between November 1st and November 30th. A creative writing exercise that tries to pull you awaySource: RSS Feed